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High availability S3-compatible object storage

Linode Object Storage is S3 compatible, highly available, and easily scalable for any of your backup, big data, and data archiving needs.




Global Markets




Years Before AWS



Linode Object Storage

Linode Object Storage makes it easy and more affordable to manage unstructured data such as content assets, as well as sophisticated and data-intensive storage challenges around artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Scale Your Data Storage

Object Storage is built to store vast amounts of data with high performance read and write times.


High Availability

Linode Object Storage is highly available and durable. Objects are replicated across servers so they’re always accessible even if one of the servers goes offline.


Store Critical Data

Object storage is the best choice for data that doesn’t change often. Store backup files, database dumps, logs, and massive data sets. All accessible over the Internet via a URL.


S3 Compatible

Linode Object Storage is a globally-available, S3-Compatible storage solution, maintaining the same performance as your data grows.


No Virtual Machines Required

Storing and accessing data with object storage does not require the use of a Linode virtual machine.


Support Static Websites

Object storage is ideal for hosting static websites. Easily deploy a site and manage content without maintaining your own infrastructure.

Predictable pricing

Add additional object storage as you need it

Avoid high transfer costs and save!

Linode Object Storage 250GB $5 ($.02/GB) $0 for 500GB Transfer
AWS S3 250GB $5.50 ($.022/GB) $44.91 for 500GB 908.2% more
Google Cloud Storage 250GB $5 ($.02/GB) $59.88 for 500GB 1197.6% more

AWS and Google prices are based on Jan 2020 hot storage object storage instances in US Eastern data centers. 
Egress transfer costs for Linode is free up to 1TB then $.02/GB, AWS egress transfer $.09/GB with first 1GB free, GCP egress transfer $.12/GB.

"You can’t beat Linode for price, performance and reliability. Love them!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for the free trial?

Create a new Linode account by entering your email address in the form at the top of the page. To complete your account setup, you will need to input a valid credit card. A credit card is required to validate your identity, but we will not charge your card during your free trial.

Do I qualify for a free trial?

Only new customers who have never been a paying customer of Linode and have not previously signed up for a free trial can qualify.

What can I do with my free trial?

Once you complete the sign-up process and agree to the Terms of Service, you can use your $100 USD services credit towards any of Linode’s Compute plans, Object Storage, Block Storage, or NodeBalancers offerings within the first 60 days.  If you exceed the $100 USD credit within the 60-day period, the overage will be charged at standard rates as outlined on our Pricing page.

What happens after my trial period ends?

You must spend your service credits during the trial period with Linode.  Unused service credits will automatically expire, and we will charge you our standard rates for any service over $100 USD.  For more information on our prices, visit our Pricing page.